- Ever ours -


2017. So there I was.

Suddenly faced with the hardest decision of my life: Leave everything I’ve ever known and the people (and country) that I love, and move to America, or, watch the best man I’ve ever met fly out of my life.

You see, I believe that if you want something, life will give it to you one way or another and all you have to do is be grateful for it and go get it.

To me, photography is the best job in the world. One of my favorite Quotes is by Ludwig van Beethoven:

"Ever Thine.

Ever Mine.

Ever Ours."

I am happy to photograph two souls committed to the promise of forever and to spend the rest of their lives together.

Here are their stories:



ABOUT désirée

I am an internationally published photographer who resides in Fayetteville, North Carolina. 

In my vocation as a destination wedding photographer I mainly photograph weddings in America (since 2018), Germany, and worldwide. With my big heart full of passion for love and wedding photography, I’m so happy to be your companion on the day of your dreams!

My photographic style is timeless, elegant, editorial, emotional, glamours, fun, romantic and artistic. My signature is a touch of fashion

Book me, and you’ll get the services of a professional, calm, sincere photographer through and through, with the backing of more than 10 years’ experience. Couples from the most diverse countries have already placed their trust in me and I would be delighted to meet you and count you among them. There’s so many precious moments and emotions on a wedding day and I’d love to immortalize them for the two of you! 



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